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Thread: Intake Comparison - Knock off or worth while??

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    I am in the market for a single plane intake. During my research I keep seeing the Porfessional Products manifolds and am curious if any one has run one, more specifically run one back to back against a "very similar" design from a reputable company on a motor or flow bench, dyno etc.
    I know you get what you pay for and I've paid enough so I thought maybe I can get by with a different approach this time. Let me know your experiences and perhaps we can discuss the details.
    And now the merlin
    Now the victor
    Just seems as though they are really close. I called the company and they said "well you know there are only so many ways to make a single plane intake..."
    I asked if they did a 3D scan and re-engineer the parts and their answer was "no" So with all the aviable info and choices, what is a guy to do??
    19' hallett 1800lbs (weighed it last week) 489 BBC solid roller 246 .622 single pattern, 9:1 and a 950 HP DP,air gap manifold, no spacer. Thru transom rewarders. Currently pulling a worn out pump to 5400 at 75 on radar, with the water breaking just behind the dash...(don't worry, pump and set up are next)

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    I've heard they are good performers at a fraction of the price of Edelbrock. The early ones had some fitment problems as I recall but that was many years ago. I've looked at them in detail at SEMA and they are looking really like good quality stuff. The co. is owned by Jim Davis, former lead guy at B&M for years. I've met him a few time seems like a straight shooter no bs kinda guy. I wouldn't hesitate to use one on my own engine. Their polishing costs as I remember are hard to beat too.
    The above is all I can offer. Never have used one personally or seen a side by side dyno comp. vs similar Edelbrock.

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    My company does a lot of work for Prof. Products, and it's true, they do make a very nice intake for the price. Especially when you look at the level of polishing detail compared to the other polished intakes on the market that cost 50% more. Also, they use steel molds in their casting process, which produce a much smoother finish inside the runners than the sand casting method Edelbrock and Weiand use. Ya can't go wrong for the money...
    Oh yeah, and Popular Hot Rodding did a head-to-head dyno shootout with all the major intake brands, and Prof Products did very well. I can't find the link, but I remember the Prof. Products intake was somewhere towards the top.

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