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Thread: Rented Storage Unit vs. Storage Condo

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    I have seen several "storage condos" for sale in Lake Havasu. Is there an advantage to owning your storage unit vs renting one for the season? Any tax benefits, I wouldn't think so as it is not a livable dwelling. I believe the cost of these units are 25 to 30K in some cases.

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    Something to hand off to your kids when ya die, and in the meantime, ya gotta nice place to store your stuff.
    Take into account maint fees too.
    And most of all, does the purchase price include the dirt (land, fee simple)) under your spot, or are you renting the dirt, but buying the unit?
    Read the fine print.
    It's Arizona, all kinds of goofy deals go down.

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    I do not believe that the condos are under 40K in Havasu. I posted a thread late last summer for a new development off of 95 before the AVI cutoff. Units are very reasonable as the ownership group purchased the land years ago. Starting at I believe 30's with sizes up to 100' long.

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    I know of a storage condo in Havasu for around 32k 13w x 45dp x 16h. I willo get all the info. PM me

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    if you or anyone you know interested in purchasing a storage unit, let me know. we have a 14x55deep unit for sale at the waterfront storage condos. we are asking 58k at if you want more information

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