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    I've been tryin to get this damn 460 distributer in for 1/2 an hour, the drive for the oil pump is kinda off to one side,should'nt it be directly in the center?

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    Blown 472
    nope it will flop around, get the dist close on the gears for the timming and then bump the motor with the starter and the dist will fall right in then go set your timming and rock and roll.

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    Thank you!
    Note to self: that's a beer for blown if we ever meet!

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    Blown 472
    Thank you!
    Note to self: that's a beer for blown if we ever meet! You are welcome, some of that triple x would work.

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    Now how much advance do i set this thing at?
    I can tell you all the way retarded with one plug out and the wire hangin starts fires

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    Blown 472
    Big fires?? start with ten to 12 degrees, check your total also, if it is too much you can get a advance plate out of an early eighties 302 truck, they limit the total with the slot and it has a 10 and 15 stamped on the slots where as yours probably has a 15 and 16?? easy to change. You have electronic ignition?

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    spectras only
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by hoolign:
    the wire hangin starts fires , Jeff ,that sounds familiar ,no pun intended .Like blown said ,start with 10 initial and 36 total.BBF are a bitch to start if you have too much initial timing. Do you have the marine dist ? They would have a light primary and a heavy secondary spring. The secondary spring would have an elliptic shape hookup on the post. I hope you'll make the kelowna pokerrun before you fry your setup eek!

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    small fire( ha ha ha spectras) negative on the electronic ignition, no marine i just took the vaccumn advance out of a new dist,siliconed up the hole, and had my bud set the mechanical advance,the wire off may have had somthing to do with the fire eek! it starts great now,idlles good,i'll take it on the lake(close to shore) tommorow and see how it runs,whats the poker run date Atilla?

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    spectras only
    You got lots of time to fine tune It's august 9th.

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