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    Hi Stevey :rollside:

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    Blown 472
    Wait, I hear the bell around his neck must be time to come in and get fleeced.

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    Steve 1
    Wait, I hear the bell .
    Yeah bells like the Mailman and your welfare money!!

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    Steve 1
    Hey I Got a list here why the Can Holes are not helping us in Iraq.
    10. We have no way of getting there.
    9. We are too busy at home with the Maple Syrup Season.
    8. After 136 Years, we are still copying off France.
    7. Saddam's name pronounced backwards is "Mad Ass". We'll stay away from him.
    6. There is only limited potential for sales of Canadian Bacon in Iraq after the war.
    5. Our Sea King Helicopter was damaged and needs repairs.
    4. Celine Dion can't sing to the troops because she has a contract in Las Vegas.
    3. The Rivers in Iraq are too shallow for our War Canoes.
    2. Lousy hockey in Iraq at this time of year.
    And the REAL # 1 reason of highest priority:
    1. Our army is needed at home in case of another snow storm in Toronto

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    Blown 472
    Yeah bells like the Mailman and your welfare money!!
    Huh? sorry we dont have gay mailmen like you. That why you stay home all day waiting for your "special delivery"??

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    Steve 1
    Huh? We have gay mailmen that brings the Man tool along with my WIC Checks??
    I knew it!!

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