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    I am trying to get my boat ready for the summer, so I decided that it would be a good idea to rewire it. As you can see from the pic below the old stuff was pretty nasty! I got all of the wiring off and out of the boat, and now am in the process of installing the new stuff. I am using a Hardin Marine BBC wiring harness but, the instructions suck and I am not an electrician. Can anyone shed some light on this. I am also switching from a HEI to a MSD 6AL Box and am lost in this area too! I also have a Holley blue pump that needs to come on when the ignition is turned on. There are not a lot of these type of boats up here in Idaho, mostly aluminum fishing jet boats that, I guess don't run this kind of stuff. Everyone wants at least $250.00 to even touch it, which is more than I want to pay. I am trying to save some money and learn as much as I can at the same time.
    Here is a pic of the old setup. They guy before me used a push/pull switch to turn everything on and push button starter switch to start the motor.
    Thanks for the help!!

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    I hate electrical. How much was that kit from Hardin? Is there a fuse block in it? I may end up making my own. Any way, Last year I just did some clean up to all of the connections to get my wiring through the summer. I had a hell of a time with a few wires that I swore I had labeled, and then, all of a sudden, none of my guages worked, I fried a tach, and my alternator was not charging. The solution was found at Follow the schematic as closely as possible. Depending on your alternator, most everything should follow exactly. If you have a three terminal delco alternator, it should look just like the pic. Good luck. Post with any other problems, theres always more.

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    I can, and will help you. I have wired lots of street rods and boats. Contact me and I will get you started. If you have a wiring diagram of the harness you purchased, and can get that to me , it would help. For starters, purchase a relay for your fuel pump. (Ron's Wire Works) is a good source. I am not
    easy to reach by phone during the week. If you email
    me a phone number, I will contact you on the weekend.
    I can probably help you the most over the phone. At first, anyway.

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    This excelent can do/will do attitude is what these boards are all about.I rewired my Sanger last winter.I built my own wiring harness.I ran some spare wires in it,you never know.I still have my diagram if you get into a jam.Take your time and do a nice job.

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    If you buy an MSD distributor and box, it's pretty much plug and go. Everything plugs in. I was afraid of having to hack up the wiring harness, but the only thing I had to splice was one hot wire and the tach signal wire. No big deal. The "fuel pump on" switch is also a breeze. It screws in to an oil pressure port. Has three spades. One goes to the pump, one to the "run" terminal on your ignition switch and one to the "start" terminal on the switch. Makes it easy and gives you the safety of a cut of switch if the engine dies. The switch you need can be bought frommost of the marine suppliers or Jegs, Mr. Gasket, etc.

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    Doug, I used the diagram that Brendelljet put on. It works fine, I don't use a keyed switch, just an off-on and I run a Magneto so I was able to omit some wires. I switched everything separate from the ignition even the fuel pump.

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