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Thread: New V Drive to the Family

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    Jeff's dad picked this boat up last week. It's an 88
    Hallet which has been sitting in storage for 12 years.
    It's ready to come out and play now.
    The Name of the boat is "Flat Wicked"

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    Boy Traci, that one will be easy to spot out on the highway to CFW......Is it part of the caravan? if not, why not?..........Sangerboy will be heading up Saturday morning, and I haven't heard from any others that want to hook up down here, so I'll solo it to Bakersfield, and hope to hook up with the Az express from there.........Ray

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    Big Kahunaa
    That thing has alot of colors on it nice boat

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    Thats a score!

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    That thing has a lot of colors on it nice boat
    HOLY COW does it have a lot of colors.
    It's in extremely excellent condition.
    Only one small scratch that we can find.
    I think Jeff's dad will have fun with it.
    No, he isn't bringing it CFW, he is going to CA
    over the holiday. (CA the other direction)

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    Very Nice...To badd he can't make NYD... But it would sure make a cool Father's Day gift to bring him up to CFW.....

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    This boat is also in the guys storage. It's
    beautiful. Although you do have to look past the dust.

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    Nice. Now tell him to turn the motor around. And switch out the seats.

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    The hydro used to belong to two brothers in the San Fernando valley. I'm not sure they ever used it because the thing always looked brand new.

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