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Thread: Here it is C & T's newest long travel Rhino

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    Well I have to give some props to Thad at So Cal Fab.
    I purchased the stuff Johny Airtime made for Wet Willie, 2.5 A-arms, Fox shocks, and bumpers. So Cal did the install and made modification to make it even better.
    I had them install the following:
    Lighted buggy whip
    Eagle HID Lights with remote control
    2.5 A-arms with Fox shocks and custom made Gorilla Axles
    ITP "C" series type "4" with OMF bead locks
    PRP seats with 4-point harnesses

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    Looks Good. what are you doing for paint??

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    A little paint would help. :crossx: :rollside:
    Look here for kits ready to go.
    Rhino paint kits (

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    JB in so cal
    I'd keep going if I were you. You know that old saying: "You just can't pour enough money into a Rhino"
    Looks like it's gonna be fun!

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    Looks great HDD. Love the Bead Locks. When's the first test run. I'd like to hear how the Foxes perform.

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    HDD that thing is way cool. I think It is time to get off my ass and post some pics of my POS....I hope you are proud...

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    Very nice HDD. Thad and Quinn can build you just about anything you can think of.
    Timmy, How the hell you been? post some pics of that monster

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    Hey Joe,long time no talk to... Things are going better. I will be ready to go for summer... I will work on starting a thread with some pics...

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    Looks Good. what are you doing for paint??
    I have a set of Blue plastics that I'll switch out until I figure out what my scheme is going to be. :2purples: :idea:

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