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Thread: Havasu 12-26 to 12-29?

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    Who's gonna be out at the lake that week? Weather is supposed to be great, mid to high 70's, wind about 4mph etc etc
    AND, how bout a bbq at the house one eve?

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    Should be there from the 25th-3rd.

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    We'll be there the 27th-30th.

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    BBQ at our place tues eve. meet at Javalina at 4

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    Music to my Ears
    We will also be there the 26-29th.

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    6 Dollar Boat
    BBQ at our place tues eve. meet at Javalina at 4
    Ted,I wish we could make it, that sounds like fun...
    I hope you and Mimi have a Merry Christmas...

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    Totally IncapASSitated
    I'll be out there from the 26th until the 2nd or so...would luv to meet up with some fellow HBer's

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    Totally IncapASSitated
    Anything going on???
    Just thought I would check in....

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    anything going on for new years eve in town?
    i might be coming in to town on th 30th - 2nd

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