I think you've made a wise choice.
But just for informations sake, if someone wants to spray clear gelcoat, I use Valspar's TX-2 Marine Clear at my shop, but it takes a combination of chemical, and Afro-American engineering degrees to get it to dry properly outside of a mold. For someone without the much experience, I would recommend spraying clear Duratec. The key to adhesion with any product is prep. I wouldn't spray any gelcoat type product over anything finer than 220 grit, and I have sprayed solid colors over 80 grit scratches. I
PS to all, I have trying to avoid confrontations lately by refraining from posting advice, but feel free to PM or email me if you need help.
What He said!
urethane clear and poly resin don't mix well. The gel is full of wax, and hard to remove completly.