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    Well I just ordered the cam we beat around a while back I backed off just a tad went with
    #11-240-4 bought their kit #kh-2404 and rpm-1411-16 magnum rockers and pushrods. They spec sheet says it pulls from 2000 to 6500.
    So what I need is a set of thru transom headers used of course. I checked out the forums swap meet thread only saw one set pretty well blued and the water lines were a wreck for 300 OBO also bid 200 on a set on ebay anybody else have any? Appearance need not be great cause they go under the hatch. Also maybe 750 or 850 carb.
    What about my stock HEI should I put the on the MSD hot HEI kit or go with a whole new set up? Not going for full bore just want it to run tight.
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    Bow Tie Omega
    Just FYI, There are some optional kits for the HEI with out the MSD $$$$$. It all depends on if you just want to add the 50,000 volt coil and module or the entire distributor. These places are proven quality. My brother (Brendella Jet) Already has the kit from Performance Distributors and I noticed an marked increase in performance (No more missing at 4500-5000 ) I will be purchasing one of the kits for my boat this Winter. Anyways, here are the web sites and good luck.
    PS.. Prices range from $100.00 for the add on parts(7500rpm continuous) to $300 for the 9000rpm complete new HEI distributor. You can not get that form MSD.
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    You can buy the Accel module and Super Coil at a cost of about $100 and then buy the weight and spring kit ($15) to tune your own advance curve.
    Or you can buy one of the prebuilt hopped up hei's from summit or jegs for about $150. Either unit will carry you well into the 6000+ rpm range.
    Only buy the MSD stuff if you have a need for their other features like boost retard, and a rev limiter.

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    Any thing ACCEL makes I dont trust Espesially there super coil.
    Me and a friend built a stout small block
    He bought that shit coil and the thing would not run up into the r's
    I had a stock G.M. coil laying around we put that on and that solved the Problem motor runs up to 7500rpm with no problemo.
    Just my thought eek!

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    I do not like accel. Ifyou want a great systen go with MSD. Cant be beat

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