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Thread: shameless cart..snowboard..wakeboard...

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    I am in the process of cleaning out my garage and have a few items I want to get rid of.
    95 gas ez-go runs good, can use a little cosmetic work. asking 700.00
    Bravo 1 28 in new condition, I bought it to use as a spare,but it ahs the small prop shaft 325.00
    Currie Phat Flyer electric is in great shape, comes with charger. it will haul any of you beer bellies around the trailer park...asking 225.00
    K2 juju snowboard 158 with great shape all around asking 125.00
    Connelly Prodigy wakeboard and bindings 136 in good shapeasking 125.00

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    Tarek, take the cart down and leave it at CR

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    Beautiful Noise
    Tarek, take the cart down and leave it at CR
    Ya.... Jeff needs somebody to Tow Him around when his Batteries go Dead :rollside:

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