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Thread: Kingsview Condos -- How is it staying there?

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    Is is a great set up? Room to park the trailers? Is the boat safe in the water out front overnight?
    I know I am done with hotels for now, and want to get a place to rent at a condo or a really nice house around $200/night.

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    No boat parking in front overnight. Sorry.

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    No boat parking in front overnight. Sorry.
    Yep. Only place in the channel with legal overnight boat parking is the Isles as it is a private beach. I've never stayed at the Kingsview but a friend has. IMHO not a ton of room to manuever boats around, especially something as big as yours.....

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    We rented there two week-ends ago. A little pricey, but very convenient.
    EVERYONE left their boat on the beach overnight without issues. We had a 3rd floor unit, which was level with the parking. Good for the wife and kids. Stairs and elevator down to the beach; nice little pool on the 2nd level, north end.
    Parking is covered, so you'll have to park the Mercedez in back. Room for the trailer too, or leave it at Windsor.
    Fairly wide channel in front of the condos, so you might just be able to park that beast of yours. There was a 36' Warlock and several 32's cats, no problems.

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    why don't you over night it in your YACHT?

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    A friend rents one for 1,400 a month (!) all summer. He likes the fact he can walk to the bars. Whatever works. They're nice units.

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    You can rent my condo for 75.00 a night, not on the water but very close to everything, maybe a mile or so to Winddsor and the Marina. Plenty of boat parking and very secure.

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