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Thread: Possible Speed?

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    Wet Dream
    Just asking for a friend of mine who is looking at a bass boat. It has a fresh 200hp Merc with a 19p on it. This sits on an 18' boat. Anyone want to take a stab at what it realistically could do on a gps?

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    65 as is.Set up correctly 75.

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    Wet Dream
    Thanks for the reply.
    Define "set up correctly"
    What needs to be done?

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    If it can turn a 19P prop to 6000 RPM's, with 1.87 gears, and 10% prop slip, it would be going 52 MPH

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    Wet Dream

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    why is it that when i asked this question 2 months ago tops i didnt get any responses? but by god if anyone else asks there will be a response.
    you know what i say to that
    **** this place these forums arent worth a ****

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    19p prop is the wrong prop for that boat. He probably needs a 22p stainless.
    Snapper.........I agree with you that sometimes the O/B section isn't worth a damn here. I take the ***boat forums for what they are.........a place to socialize. If you need any technical advice on O/B's, Scream and Fly or a couple of members over at Havasu Barney know their sh*t.
    Personally, I don't answer any questions I don't know the answer too.

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    well your one of the few good ones, this places seems as if youdont own a $50000 boat and a 2.5 or 300 merc your not welcome

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    I have a old 18' low profile bowrider (heavy) Lavey Craft straight v-bottom with a Merc 200 that will turn a S.S 23'Pitch prop @6200rpm to 63MPH GPS just for comparison. Motor is on a setback with no jack plate

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