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Thread: Turn Key Bahner Jet ready now for CHEAP!

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    Okay, for all of you guys who are out there who say they are looking for thier first jet boat or a river hot rod jet w/ a BBC ... here is your chance ... (mouzer )
    Turn key 1985 Bahner Bubble Deck ready for the river. This boat is really turn key w/ a BBC, fresh pump w/ droop and hydraulic place diverter, new carpet, good seats (missing 3 chusions though), cover, tandem trailer, etc. etc. etc.
    The problems: someone in the past had painted it with automotive clear coat incorrectly and now it's chipping, it's missing the passenger side and rear cushions. That's pretty much it from what I've been told ... it's not my boat, just throuwing it up because it was here at my house and I could snap some quick pics of it before it left.
    This is the best part ... it going for $5,000 ... that's it. A turn key lower river runner for $5k ... super cheap, ready for Labor Day!
    If I didn't have 2 other projects already in the works ... I'd be all over this.
    Contact Bob Fry for information (714) 615-0644
    here are the pics:

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    thanks busby for the pics, good boat come and get it

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    bump back to the top

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    I do know and have forewarded your info to a Lady friend.....Cynthia if she calls....She says thats what she's looking for....

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    This is a really clean boat for the price ... and all of the right stuff is there.
    For all of those guys who say they're looking for a bubble deck ... here it is ... and it's turn key (fresh pump, good engine, etc ... )
    just some cosmetics ...

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    needs to go end of summer blowout labor day fun

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    ok guys some one needs a boat for some fun in the sun .

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