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Thread: !!!BEWARE the Casino Boat!!!

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    I closed both stores early Saturday to take my wife out for a little river run. We have been so busy selling boats and doing sea trails and training we never get time to enjoy the main thing that we moved here for in the first place. So after launching in Cat Tail and a fun run up the river we opted to take a trip through the channel and watch the crazies. Typical Havasu that we know and love. Super fasts boats beached on the sidlines like they need a breather from a fast run, sunworshoping 20 and 30 somethings dancing and playing in wast deep water, Court TV Whoring around with camera's trying to exploit the worst of our city, but overall everyone was having good quasi clean fun that we all venture out into the 110 deg heat for. We past under the bridge with radio playing and as usual I was sober as a judge drinking Gatorade and water.
    As the channel narrows on the north end of the bridge I settled in to the port of another boat. We where well to the East of centerline and the boats coming towards us where all in a straight line. I see the Casino boat in the busy channel and ecide side buy side to the starboard boat is a tighter squeeze that I would like so I put the boat in nuetral and wait for the boat to starboard to pass. As soon as I go into nuetral the Casino boat alters its course to pass the slow moving line of boats it is fallowing and heads directly at myself and my wife. She begins screaming "Hit the gas, floor it were F%$ked" and I slam our boat into forward and wind it up to around 4000RPM. The casino boat clears us by three feet if not less. This is three feet off a 45 degree angle (Not side to side). I hade to slam the baot back into reverse to not hit the people wading in the water.
    I turned back and called the Captain out on deck. He acknowladged that he did see me and when I asked his name he laughed and gave me a waive off.
    I explained that the boat to my port was a hazard to my course diviation and that he had clear passage at his heading and speed. I was in a nuetral position awaiting clear passage at the time he altered his coarse and put my and my passanger life at risk with his actions. He in turn caused me to break the law by excessive speed and causing a wake while putting the lives of those wading in the water and those in the boat to my starboard at risk by his actions to deviate coarse and accelerate. Realizing I was sober and possibly knew what I was talking about he staop action like a smart a$$ and gave me his name for my formal complaint to the USCG.
    Those who travel the channel without schedual and treat it as an enjoyable journey are being put at risk if the commercial opperators are not being put in check. I am all about Havasu going back to the fun loving Marti Gras atmosphere where tourists self police and take responsibuility for our own actions. But this was the action of a "I am bigger than you and you will move" Bulley that could have ended badly.
    So BEWARE of the lawlessness of the Casino boat as it makes it way past your family and friends... or maybe right over them!

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    You say this like it's something new. That boat always runs hot through there and it's always move or speed to avoid being hit. Glad all are safe.

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    With all your knowledge I'm surprised you didn't initiate the "DCB Safety Spin out maneuver"..

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    That's really the best plan for a situation like that. Or any situation really.
    I am trying to learn how to do it in my Artic Cat because I think it will be very benificial for the safety of my family on the dirt..

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    how about that wind/fan tour boat....from what i saw, that guy has nothing to slow him down or reverse. There was a traffic jam as someone tried to park their boat into a spot.....all the guy had was an air horn and a skipper who panic'd and ran to the front to try to catch that monster boat from plowing into the back of another boat....luckily, the guy in front of the monster boat had room to wedge between another boat to give the guy some space to coast even more and let traffic clear out.
    I'm not saying he doesnt belong there, just think he should be using the trolling motor on the back instead of the fans while in the channel....on second thought, i dont think that tiny outboard in full speed reverse would even make a differnce.

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    I hear that the captin of the Casino boat used to work for Exxon and drove one of there boats.
    I have seen that asswipe drive that boat and he packs the male

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    That Guy
    With all your knowledge I'm surprised you didn't initiate the "DCB Safety Spin out maneuver"..
    Morgan's Fine Dining with finely sliced tangerines......

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    Now, for an extra fun treat, lets count the number of replies so far on this post that arent of a sm@rt @ss nature. If you counted 1, you are correct!

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    So BEWARE of the lawlessness of the Casino boat as it makes it way past your family and friends... or maybe right over them!
    Wow you've switched gears, eh? No jury, huh? Um, isn't he innocent until proven guilty? What about HIS rights and the rights of the gamblers? What if the Captain is visiting from Oregon?

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    79 HUSTLER
    Back in june, we were coming back from the casino on the 1:30am ride and saw a large sunsation (i think) coming in just before the ferry. The ferry had run into him as he was anchored just outside the marina. The boat stated that he had all his lights on. Everyone was waiting to get back to the other side but the boats had to wait for a report to be made. Finally I called my buddy to come get us around 3:00am. We finally heard the ferry boat come by the channel around 5:30am. Felt really bad for the hundred or so people and workers trying to get home.

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