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Thread: Broken Keeper

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    Has anyone ever had a keeper come apart and let the spring retainer/keeper come off the valve stem? I had this happen on the #2 intake and #8 exhaust valves. The keepers from both of those valves are broken. I have never heard of this happening before. Any ideas?

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    I have seen it happen a few different times. It actually happened during installation because they were put in poorly. I have never seen them fail if installed correctly.

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    Right. If the aren't installed correct they should pop off as soon as you release the spring compressor or shortly after. These were on and stayed on during the cam break in. But the valve stems pulled through soon after that. The keeper/lock is actually cracked in half on the one that stayed in the retainer and the other two each broke in half and I found all four of the pieces scattered around the head.

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    Valve float ?
    Improper component matching ?
    Chinese poop ?

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    Valve float ?
    I don't think I had enough RPMs to float the valves. Never got past 4200rpm
    Improper component matching ?
    Everything was matched by Comp Cams. It all came in one of their cam kits and was double checked by me.
    Chinese poop ?
    I don't know where Comp makes their stuff. (Maybe I should check it for lead ) I guess it will be one of the questions I ask when I call them.

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    The ones I saw that were broke were holding just fine when I got the heads. When I tore them apart to check everything was when I found them. The seat pressure was right at 310 pounds so they were holding fine for the time, but I am sure as soon as I put any real RPM to it they would have shown their ugly faces.

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    Hey Paul,
    Did they break or just come off the valve stem?

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    The locks that were broken had broken into two pieces. They had stayed right where they were supposed to (looking at them on the valve you would have never known). I have a feeling if they were run at the RPM that we run them at that they may have revealed themselves. It is hard to guess what might have caused it without seeing them.

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    A valve lock just doesn't break, it has to be stressed. What I have seen is:
    Improper angle on the retainer which will put an improper load on the keeper and it will crack and break
    Valve stem diameter is out of spec on the + side and the keeper does not engage except for the ends.
    Valve stem diameter is out of spec on the - side and the keeper does not engage fully except in the middle of the radius.
    I have made and sold keepers for the last 9 years. In that spand of time I have sold over 1M and I can count the number of issues I have had with them on 1 hand. . .100% USA made.

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