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Thread: Poker-run experience. 32 DCB

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    Hey there I attended a poker run yesterday in my 30 daytona and am looking at having a 32 DCB this fall built. How much better will the 32 Dcb handle the rough boat chop created by all the boats in the run?? I've heard the 32 dcb handles like a bigger boat and I really hope it handles way better in the chop then my 30 did. I was suprised at how the bigger cats cut threw the wash of boat wakes. i was bouncing hard and had to slow way down where there was a 36 nortech and a 32 skater that cooked threw it np. I was in a 36 daytona coupe the other day and it is so solid in that type of water it's unbelievable but to restricted for generally hanging out. How does the 32dcb feel compared to the 36's?? any feed back from members would be most apprecaited. Also i saw the thread on the canopy question and imo the wrap around windshield like the MTI and nortech is the future in boats capable of sustained 130+mph. The pioneers who introed the 1/4 canopies will be left in the dust if they don't adapt....mti and nortech are too restricted in the cockpit for lake lounging so the current west coast open design with a wrap around would and will be the ticket.:idea: :idea: :idea:

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    I have been extremely pleased with my 32 in the rough stuff. I usually run at mead and it can kick up pretty good in the afternoon. The boat has always been rock solid on any of the lakes on the river. Definetly rides bigger than it is. Never in salt so I can't give you any feedback on open water. Couldn't be any happier with the boat.
    Also, get the mill spec canopies. Mine are crystal clear.

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    ok tyvm i'll makesure on the canopies. what power are you running?

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    It's hard to imagine much improvement
    small gain from a bit more weight
    small gain from packing a bit more air (only relative at 60+?)
    Each have a shallower centerpod tunnel compared to the non pod designs
    All that said, I was at Grand lake running around Saturday (watched the poker run) and i was really pleased with how it (my Daytona30) cruised over the top at 65-70, I did have to drop into the 40's sometimes for large cruiser wakes amongst the slop, did ok, better than expected.... it's all relative

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    625 ilmors/IMCO drives.

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    The difference between my 29 and my 32 is very apparent...29 is more like a hotrod, 32 is a rough water caddy...just my .02

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    Havasu Hangin'
    The difference between my 29 and my 32 is very apparent...29 is more like a hotrod, 32 is a rough water caddy...just my .02
    Have you ever done a poker run in your 32?

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    My DCB F32 is a good time, if you get one you will enjoy it, but I am sure whatever you get will be fun

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    The boats your talking about are all very different. Go for a ride in a 32' DCB in rough water, then go for a ride in a 36' Nortech in the same water. Night and day, now tow that 32' DCB to the gas station, then the Nortech. One is a heck of a lot bigger to tow around town, beach and put on the trailer. If you can handle the Nortech or like on a trailer you won't even look back at the 32'. Nothing rides like a true tunnel in rough water. If it did Skater would have a center pod......

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    625 ilmors/IMCO drives.
    The dongfish? :idea:
    I can tell you from experience that hasselhoff's 32 is quite the cadillac ride on Mead.

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