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Thread: 225 opti Good or bad????

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    Looking at a 225 opti for my 200 sunsport. Hearing mixed reviews, some guys having a lot of problems with performance and reliability. Anyone have firsthand experiance out there?

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    bad motor, we see alot of them come in with problems at the marina i work at.

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    optis are a good motor as long as you run the opti oil in them ,they have tight clearances and need the opti oil ,also if you run an opti make sure your ground on the battery is good clean and tight most of the fault codes i find with them is battery ground related also dont give someone a jump start off your battery
    most outboard techs dont have enough time working on one to understand it ,at my shop i see at least 2 a week and its always something simple if you have any more questions fell free to e-mail me

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    we see 2 or 3 a week and there is always like you said a simple problem. either way i would stay away from them if at all possible

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