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Thread: Big Cat Poker Run - Nor Cal

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    How come no mention of the above poker run yet, its been over for about 24 hours? Kind of curious if there were less "incidents" than this event last year where a couple of boats got dinged up a bit

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    No incedents that I am aware of. It went smooth for us and did not here of anything major. The run was under a magnifying glass because of last year. Vest were madatory, 110 mph max speed, 60 mph in certain areas, idle speed in other areas, single file with no passing in narrow areas, and LOTS of Coast Guard and LE throughout the run. Good time!

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    Never Satisfied
    I was sitting on the docks yesterday at Tower Park and heard a little fiberglass cracking as a boat tapped Collegewoods Eliminator as he was leaving. Not bad but kept on going. Wind was crazy as everybody was leaving!

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    Just foreplay
    As BDMar stated, the run went off without a hitch. But was heavily monitored. Lots of sheriff's and coast guard. Although when asking them questions, they were kind of clueless...
    All in all, it was a lot of fun and good times..

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    H20 Toie
    This was my first time and it was a great,
    I am looking forward to next year

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    H2O where at this run, if so sorry I did not know I would have came down and bought a few rounds.

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    All in all a great run! good food, good folks, nice boats! LE was not only a presence, they were really hard nosing and pushy trying to evoke a negative response so they could show everyone how important they were. That I'm aware of no one bit, everyone just took the harrasment replied w/yes sir no sir and went on with the run. That was the worst part of the run, btw, still better than accidents/injurys or worse. I look forward to being able to go on it again next year. There was plenty of photographers around so some nice pics should be getting posted soon.........I hope!

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    These are what I got on Friday
    Jason carried the camera on Sat. Will try and get him to post up.
    Great run, Well put together, No reported problems.

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