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Thread: Well not fond of them

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    but I have been following Mitt Romney for a while. Whats the concencus on him?

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    Old Texan
    From what I've heard so far he should be the Republican canditdate. He has run a state successfully, has introduced a workable healthcare plan in MA, has ideas on how to overcome the illegal problems, and been able to coexist in a state with 2 longterm Dem Senators who are among the most liberal and controversial in the the country.
    We'll see much more of him and his attributes as the campaign gets going for real.

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    He seems to have the most substance of any in the field.

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    '75 Miller
    Don't know much about the man, other than that he's willing to compromise our 2nd Amendment FREEDOMS, and that he's from one of the few states worse than my home state of mexifornia. With that said, he's still better than any demorat. If he's the nominee I'll vote for him, mainly just as a vote against whoever the socialists, ummm demorats nominate.
    Doesn't really matter though, as it's my belief that when Fred Thompson enters the race all others will be vice presidential candidates at best.

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    Romney is newly converted on some right wing issues. I could stand to have him as Prez. He spent a fortune to win in Iowa.
    Sooner or later someone has got to ask him if he believes a spaceship will take him to rule another planet.

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    but I have been following Mitt Romney for a while. Whats the concencus on him?
    If he could stand multiple wives, being prez should be a piece of cake.

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