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Thread: Aug 5th jet sunk...

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    does anyone know the owner? how is his boat doing?

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    Ive seen that boat on the water, it was very nice.. It was recently for sale in SPAM as well. Advantage 18 bubble deck.
    Where did you find that pic?

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    I took it. He told me that it was a "new" to him boat. Very pretty and was out of the water pretty fast. He was going to tear the motor down ASAP, I was just wondering if anyone knew him and how the rebuild was going?
    few more...
    We were ripping along the River when I see this giant Shark Fin sticking up out of the water with about a dozen PWC circling it like flies. We flip a quick 180 and go back to help. Funny, a 20' lowprofile outboard helps out a 20' lowfreeboard jet while the big boys keep blasting along without even lending a hand or checking if everyone was O.K.
    Nice guy, I'm glad his kids were O.K. I hope he gets it running soon, very pretty hull. Damage was very minimal, looks like with a bit of buffing, some new trim, some new headers and a quick rebuild, he will be roosting again!

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    what happened?

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    What a bummer. Im assuming he got swamped? Ive seen it get pretty rough in that area, pretty sketchy in an 18 ft. jet. That is definatly the one from the SPAM section. Hope he gets it back up and running soon.

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    edit.... If you look closely, its a different boat although very very similar.

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    edit.... If you look closely, its a different boat although very very similar.
    Very close. I bought this boat and it has more orange and different interior.

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    nice job sid!!!.....way to lend a hand to us jetters

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    I'm guessing he was just chillin there and a wave came over. The water can get choppy but I don't think enough to sink a boat at speed. Splash guards help alot!

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    From what I understand, he was towing one of his kids on a "banana" when they fell off (actually the "banana" came free of the rope). He turned around to get his kid and the rope (remember it was free of the "banana") was sucked up into the intake and seized up the motor. He was unable to clear it or get it restarted when he was swamped by multiple wakes. The sad part is all the BIG boats roaring past as though he wasn't worthy of their help.
    I am part of the FreeBoardChallenged boats. I used to run a 20' tunnel OB, now I have a bassboat OB (still a Hot Rod she will run 80). I love the smaller boats and will always lend a hand. We had helped a couple that fell out of their kayak about 30 min prior (5-7mph current makes it hard to right the kayak).
    Hope the boat gets fixed and is out playing with the kids soon.
    (Squirt, I have broken down a few times myself, just karma paying back)
    (CS19, I think it is the same boat. He had told me that he had just put in new upholstery. Looks the same...)

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