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Thread: Oklahoma City Gathering This Month 25th?

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    Who What Where How?
    Thunderbird is all I remember.

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    Lake Thunderbird is correct. It will be Aug 25 and 26 @ Zoom Beach. The OKC Jetboat Association will be putting on the event. We should have plenty of camping area, food, and fun for everyone. The lake rangers are going to block off the cove so we can do some racing without the jet skies or wakes. If you need directions post it and we will get you their.

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    There are several from Tulsa that will probably go. Tey were at the races and did not go to Okmulgee.
    Directions from Tulsa would be great.
    And.. What section of town or small town is the best to get a room.

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    Comming from Tulsa you need to get to I-40 West bound and exit before the I-240/I-40 junction. The lake is appox. 12 miles South of I-40 on Choctaw Rd. You would have to exit at (exit #166 same as Choctaw RD), and go straight South till the road comes to a (T the road is called Alameda) you will be able to see the lake from here, when you get to the (T) take a Left (which would be East), follow Alameda till you get to the water (appox 2 miles), the road will only let you go Left, turn Left and it will take you to the boat ramp. The camp ground is on the Right and Zoom beach is on the Left. There is a big parking lot there to park in, but if you get there too late it may be pretty full. Since we have rented the Zoom beach area some of the vehicles will be able to park there. The closest motel will be it the Norman area (15 miles away). If you are looking for rooms check for ones that are off of Highway 9 in Norman. There should be several since it is close to the college. This will also save you a trip through downtown Norman. I am sure we will have some names and cell #'s posted for those that get lost or need further directions..

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    Jet Hydro
    If you need directions post it and we will get you their I-135 from Kansas ???
    I`m gonna try and make this one with the Hydro

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    If you are comimg from the North on I-35, take I-40 East bound to the (Choctaw Rd / exit# 166) and follow the directions given above.

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    do they still call thunderbird , dirtybird? i remember going out there when i was young and water skiing,back when i was growing up in Harrah.

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    Some do, but in the past couple of years they have been adding algae to the water and it has cleaned up a lot.

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    if i ever make it back up to okc i will have to come out and see some of you guys.i do know perry bowser he lives there in okc

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    how did it go this year? weather was great....still boatless aaaaaaaah why did i sell lol.....would like to meet some of the okc guys....liveing near norman now....have a good one...ron

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