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Thread: Some pics of our Monterey trip.

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    Great pics. I love that place.

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    Penguin giving us a BA
    Anybody need an anchor?
    Glass bottom boat ride, not as cool as they make it seem.
    Me ruining the camera. Got to have air time to jump across, didn't even get wet.

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    Ivan Dan
    Cool pics...looks like you guys had a great time!

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    Check out my daughter, she acts like we are going to get wet.
    Great pics Juan, maybe we can get some more of your wife in the wite tee shirt after she got wet
    looks like fun and you have a good looking family

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    monterey is one of the most beautiful places to scuba dive..... soo much life
    in the ocean.......
    glad you guys enjoyed the area.

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    Cool pics!!! The Jelly Fish exibit I think is incredible. We need to get back over there. It's been to long.
    Thanks For sharing your pic's!!

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    Nice Pics...Monterey is a beautiful place.

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    thanks for sharing looks like you all had great time!

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