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Thread: Gauge question

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    Looking for some gauges that are 2 5/8. & a tach that is 3 3/8. Just lookng for something simple, dont want to pay auto meter premium...

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    i'm runnin equus gauges(or equis?) and they work great, look just as nice as autometer and have the same warranty as autometers. i got mine at orielly's so i could return them quikly if 1 went out. so far the only gauge i've had fail on my this season is my autometer tach the cheap equis brand gauges are still looking and working great!here's what they look like, half the price of procomp autometer too! 26pid%3D10101-2010266&mid=27814&cat_id=22000500&prod_id=60420335 9&pos=0&b_id=17&token_id=8C&lg=0&bamt=fcf9135e89f8 67f8&ppr=825618153cf4aa8f&oid=604203359&atom=10684 &sc=&bid_type=0

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    I have NOS Mallory 2 5/8" gauges. What in particular do you need?

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    I need a tach and 4 misc gauges. Volt meter, oil pressure, fuel level and oil temp? Got any pics?

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    Go to the gauge page ( then scroll down to "Mallory". Click on a couple of the 2 5/8" gauges to see what they look like. As far as a tach, there are tons of options.

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