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Thread: A Big THANKS to the K-50 crew!

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    What a CREW Bubby Wilton what can i say HUGE HP motor was flawless all weekend. Also Todd for the maint. and cheif boat shammy Julian P & Jamie Jamison also my wife Jana for coming to a race. Learned a ton this weekend geting schooled on the race course by the Best very humbling to say the least.Had a little problem in the Final. Long Beach is the SHIZNIT what a ball cant wait till next year! Also to all of you who bought shirts Thanks Circle racers are a GREAT bunch of people! Greg Shirely sat nights FEAST awesome!
    Also thanks for the help Justice Brothers,XRP,Troy Lee.

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    right on Wayne.
    I wish I was there. Looks like Cold Fire was running hard.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Congrates on a great week end Wayne. You did a great job out there, even finished ahead of that K5' boat in final on saturday

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    Wayne your boat is awsome!We were on the rock side.

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    A a resident of the LBC I can say that the K-50 boat is the SHIZNIT, wow what a great job on the boat.....BTW I will wear my K-50 shirt proudly...good job on the final on Sunday...

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    Congratulations Wayne you looked great out there. the boat looked great as always you & your crew did an outstanding job
    all weekend. you truly looked like you had a blast .

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    T-SHIRTS ?
    Hey, How can us non-californians get some t-shirts?
    Congrats to the whole K-50 team.
    Its good to see it out getting some race time.

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    thanks for a great show...

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    Great job Wayne. We are official K50 honks. The boat looked and sounded awsome. I'm enjoying the shirts too.

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    Schiada Time
    Great job out there Wayne! Coldfire is by far my favorite Bezer. I saw your wife backing you in on Saturday. Looks like you have real team player there as well. Great looking boat and good driving bud.

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