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    Does anyone know if they make a lighter fly wheel for a 1997 225 Pro Max? Or anybody worth trusting to lighten mine up? Thanks.

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    I believe the company's name is Diamond Marine? They make bitchen stuff!

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    are you trying to get the motor to rev faster? the lighter flywheel will do this...BUT I was told to forget about charging your batteries from the alternator! something to do with less .02

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    Here is a link I found for a 40 amp lightweight flywheel. I don't know anything about the company or the product, but you can check them out.

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    just my 02 cents ,p.p.m . i orderd a flywheel and svs back in april before the big block spanking party,didn't finally recieve the last piece until the week of the forth of july . try taylor marine ,diamond marine or jay smith racing. if you are anthing like i am when you order something you expect it within a few weeks or at least a phone call as to why it won't be there that soon! just venting a little ! (TUNNEL T )

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