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Thread: Admitted Pedophile Arrested Near UCLA

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    Was sure hoping he would get his while in the slammer.
    Self-described pedophile Jack McClellan has been arrested on the UCLA campus.
    Police say McClellan was taken into custody without incident Monday afternoon near the university's infant development program with a camera. According to the university's Web site, the infant development program is administered through the Department of Psychology and provides on-site child care for UCLA faculty, students, and staff.
    Police allege McClellan violated a restraining order requiring him not to loiter or congregate within 30 feet of minors.
    For years, McClellan maintained a Web site in Washington where he blogged about his attraction to young girls and posted photos of children he had taken in public places.
    McClellan was released and scheduled to appear in court September 13th.

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    Atleast he is off the street... I really hope he gets stuck with a cellie that will make him a women.

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    I hope he's in general population during his stay.

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    From the article.
    McClellan was released and scheduled to appear in court September 13th.

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    Douche Bag...

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    Guess he didnt learn the first time.
    Self-proclaimed pedophile Jack McClellan was arrested twice on Monday at the UCLA campus.
    He was first seen by UCLA police with a camera near the offices of a program studying children. He was arrested again for trespassing on campus while conducting an interview for a local news station.
    McClellan, 45, was taken into custody at 1:40 p.m. for violating a restraining order banning him from coming within 30 feet of anyone under 18 anywhere in California, according to a statement posted on the UCLA Web site. He was also given a stay away order from UCLA.
    Officers were dispatched to the Infant Development Program at UCLA's Franz Hall after McClellan was observed in the area with of a camera.
    The court order required him not to loiter or congregate within 10 yards of children. He was arrested without incident.
    McClellan told local broadcasters that "he didn't know" the Infant Development Program center was there and called his presence, "an honest mistake."
    "Honestly, I didn't know it was there," McClellan said. "The reason I was on UCLA was because I didn't think there would be virtually any minors there. I thought I could blend in as a student."
    McClellan claims he was on the UCLA campus for two hours before going to the Infant Development Program center.
    McClellan also said his camera did not have batteries in it, making it impossible for him to take pictures.
    McClellan was interviewed until 7:40 p.m. and then released on his own recognizance, said UCLA's Claudia Luther. He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 13.
    Local police agencies -- including the Los Angeles School Police Department -- were informed of the incident.
    McClellan has not been arrested for suspicion of any sex crimes, but spoke openly of his attraction to prepubescent girls.
    His Web site told viewers where they could find little girls to watch.
    On Thursday, McClellan told police that he had been escorted to an American Airlines flight to Chicago at Los Angeles International Airport.
    McClellan said he was leaving California because of threats against him by people who had seen his picture on television, in newspapers or on the Internet.
    "I don't think there is anywhere I can go" in California, he complained.
    McClellan claimed that his car, which has Washington license plates, was causing him to be recognized and threatened.
    McClellan says that he was driven from Washington State by activists and bloggers. A similar effort in Los Angeles followed his movements.

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    Hopfully the judge will lock his ass up, I mean really twice in one day.

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    Can only hope that and that they put him in general population.
    Hopfully the judge will lock his ass up, I mean really twice in one day.

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