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Thread: outboards in sub freezing weather?

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    Been a inboard type boater mostly but now need some info that I am sure someone can answer here. I have heard a few peoples ideas on how to use a outboard in less than 32 degrees but I need to hear from someone who knows for a fact how to do it right. Question: Without a electric prewarming blanked to keep powerhead above 32 degrees at night how do you start a dry outboard that will freeze and block the water in the powerhead soon as the water pump sends it there? At least I know of inboards that have done that. Must be a secret .......Help?

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    I have run outboards at temps. as low as 5 deg. F never did anything different than if it was 90 deg. Just make sure you tilt the motor down and let all the water drain out when you pull it out.

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    That gives me a lttle more assurance that nothing will happen.Thats about the lowest temp we would be in.

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    If its really going to be cold.
    What about having a small drum with an antifreeze mix in it. Before putting it away quickly put the leg into the antifreeze mix and run it just long enough to get the mixture into the heads. Just try not to loose the antifreeze spraying out of telltales etc as it can be pricy stuff.
    I have heard of water freezing in inboards and cracking blocks but havent heard of the same in o/brds however I don't see why it couldn't happen.
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    bilgewiper, I was going to suggest you move to California and then I took a peek at your profile. Where are you going boating out here that it gets that cold. I've heard of Citrus Heights, just can't place where it's at. Northern or Southern Cal?

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    Thanks for your response on questions. Even though I live in N. Cal where it's semi-warm, their is some lakes that we would like to fish at in the Sierra's (Pyrimid, Eagle, Stampede, Boca, etc)that are real cold about the time we want to fish (after Thanksgiving dinner----yearly 2-3 day ritual to avoid doing the dishes). My boating/fishing buddy just got a new/used fishing boat with a outboard so that was the original reason for my question.
    Thanks again,

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