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Thread: Wiring harness for '79 merc OB?

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    I need a wiring harness for a '79 merc 200. Merc. sez no longer available. What are my options? Does anyone know if I can make a later throttle/ign/wiring harness work? I rebiult the pwrhead a couple of yrs ago for my dad or I would just tell him to buy a later motor!? I would love to get him out on the water again this year if at all possible. thanx in advance for any help! Tim idea

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    What is the serial number of the motor? Maybe I can find you one. Gary

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    Timebomb; Thanks. SER#5159781 Tim smile_sp

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    I ran the serial number you gave me. V-2000 motor correct? The parts listing gives 2 wire harness part number for that motor. I assume that the one you cannot get is a 84-87294a1, the list also has a 84-96220a4 which is available. I would contact mercury marine at and run the number by them. It is going to give you an error message. Look at the find your serial number link and do what the text tells you to do. Hope this helps. Gary.

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    Timebomb; Thanks for checking. I will try the site and see what I can find out. Tim

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    Here is a web site that you can check your parts numbers at. Its pretty good info if you don't have access to the microfiche. Gary

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    TIMEBOMB; I tried the dougrussel site and it comes up "not found" I'll try again later. Thanks again. Tim smile_sp

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    I can get you an aftermarket replacement for the 96220a4. List is $150, you can have it for $118 plus shipping. Email me if you want it. I don't stock it, so it will take about 10 days.

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    Thanks, Ducky. Actually,Along with the harness, I need a throttle/shifter/control assy that will work for that eng. Do you know if a later mod. assy can be used? What are my options? The Merc. dealer in this area is not much help. Tim smile_sp

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