On a day that has had a lot of emotion on this site with ups and downs, I am waiting for some laundry to get done before heading to bed. I am not one to get on here and call someone trash or anything of such. However, after today and many of us trying to help complete strangers, this just tops the day off.
So, I just look around on the site as I often do at night trying to kill some minutes trying to get tired and I read this thread about a dog that needs a home.
Read this thread. You have got to be kidding me that this person was so low and did this. Be sure to read all 2 pages this far. I cant believe it, or I guess I can know that there are a$$holes out there.
As I said in the title, you are garbage CasinoDelSol.
Edit: I hope that this wasn't true, and if it was not, i have no problem writing an apology and retracting my statements. However, I dont see how much different it would be than what is already posted.