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Thread: "burning Man"

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    I am looking for something different to do this Labor day weekend.
    Has anyone been to Burning Man?

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    Stinky hippie drug fest in the middle of the desert!

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    I have not personally been, but I know quite a few people who go every year. I have seen their "unedited" pictures and heard their stories. There is definitely a wide variety of people who attend this event. I don't want to stereotype anyone who does go, but I will say that it is definitely NOT my scene.

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    There's a good article about it in the current edition of Smithsonian Air & Space magazine.
    Definitely looks like a stinky hippie drug fest in the middle of the desert!

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    One of my coworkers is into Burning Man. And she is a granola muchin' hippie. She has been blabbing on and on about it for the past couple of weeks. I am sure its cool if you are into that but its definately not our thing. She claims its not about drugs but about being "green" and living off the earth and helping others.
    I personally cannot stand the smell of patchouli so I would never go.

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    [QUOTE=Mrs. Bordsmnj;
    I personally cannot stand the smell of patchouli [/QUOTE]
    Is it that funky smell that some of the earthy people use?

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    If these guys are going pencil me in

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    Dave C
    It is a bunch of pot smoking hippies. If u are into that sort of thing by all means GO!
    BI.... it would be funny if you could chop a tie-dyed hippie or Jerry Garcia into the picture.... or something..... chop chop..

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    Its a bunch of freaks running around in the desert.

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    Last year his buddy 460 went with him

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