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Thread: for sale 72 schiada 18' flat bottom v-drive

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    like it says 72 orange and yellow could use a fresh paint. fast and loud. bbc 396 tunnel ram dual holleys full comp cams valvetrain.elec fuel pump real lopey! freshly coated bassets.v drive was seviced last season. air horns. billet wheel nice white seats with orange piping 4 seater but really a 2seater back seats face rear ward. fresh bearings and seals on trailer rear axle. tandem trailer. 4 new tires and a new spare. im ready to upgrade so help me out. fun boat and fast.scared my girlfriend she said it was too fast and loud. but other girls always waved and whistled. people always snapping necks to look at it. its been fun now its your turn. located near victorville and silverwood lake 6500 obo

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    my number is 323 404 1098 if you have any questions
    thanks nick

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    have a friend interested in your boat, have any pics? if so send them to or just post them here, Thanks.

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    all i have right now are cam phone pics i will try and get some this week end

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    PIC'S PIC'S PIC'S...................................:idea:

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