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Thread: Sidewinder hull

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    Pete P
    I have a 1969 16' Sidewinder outboard.
    Should the hull be stright on this boat?
    Mine has a bit of a hook.

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    Pete, that hull should probably be straight if you are going after performance, that hook is probably costing you some speed.

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    Pete P
    I filled the hook in on sunday, can't wait to get back in the water
    I am running a built 1977 Johnson spinning 6800 rpm,goes about 45-50 mph with a 13/19 prop and 5-6 in setback.
    As you can see I am running a small motor and am trying to squeeze every last drop of speed out of this setup.....wonder how fast it will go now?

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    i would guess probly 7- 10 mph difference as well as less gas consunption

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