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Thread: Elsinore this afternoon..............

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    It just might happen. I am gonna try to get the TPR wet with the new motor this afternoon. Make sure all the bugs are gone for the trip this weekend.
    Anyone gonna be around?

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    Nucking futs
    No you Ass Clown, some people have to work for a living. Hope it goes well.
    PS> watch for the hootas, I have your radar detector......Its defrosted now...

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    Nucking futs
    check your oil before you get wet.

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    GM Killer
    Good luck and have fun

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    Well?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???

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    Damn. Did not happen. Thursday for sure!!!!!!
    Anyone gonna be around?

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    Damn. Did not happen. Thursday for sure!!!!!!
    Anyone gonna be around?
    hehe not with my boat, but ill be there if u need a boat biatch!...i havent been there in close to a year...let me know if u have a seat!

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    Take your time! I remember when I was thrashing night after night so I could get my boat wet for the first time in over 4 years(not that its been that long for you). Do everything right, cuz when its back on the water you dont want anything breaking or coming apart because you half assed it just to get it wet.
    Good luck and have fun puttin your foot in it!

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    ol guy
    If you have a proplem drop a dime I can be in the water in about 20 mins Shoot me a pm and I'll give you my # I'm going to be home this week. And I live in Lake Guacamole.

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    Sleeper CP
    Sorry to hear that. Better luck on Thursday.
    Sleeper CP
    565" Ford Lover

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