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Thread: V-Drive Show at Castle Rock - Parker AZ

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    The guys at Castle Rock Shores asked me to post this for them. This is a great chance for a new place to together. I'm sure the wouldn't mind if we arrived a few days early and played with our boats.

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    Beautiful Noise
    I'm already in for this .....Should be Fun

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    River Cruzin
    Looks like a great weekend event at a great park on the river. We hope to make it.

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    Looks like this could be a real cool deal!..

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    Sounds bichin, they must be having it up in the field. We stay there every year around the first or second week of october for the final summer river trip.

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    Beautiful Noise
    They are going to line the Boats and Cars up between the palm trees along the Beach

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    BA Kurtis
    Sounds like a good time we are going to try to make it.

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    Beautiful Noise

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    Beautiful Noise
    BUMP..................Ten more Days

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    BA Kurtis
    Planing to be there about 10 or 11 Sat. morning, who all is going, and were on the strip is Castle rock shores???

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