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Thread: At Christmas lets all say a prayer......

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    for those who are not able to be home with loved ones and those who gave all such as my avatar.
    Lets see everyones videos or pictures in tribute to the troops. Doesn't matter if they are past or present.
    God bless those who keep us safe and free and keep our flag flying around the globe.
    Until then (

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    Funny ones can go too.....
    air drop mishaps (

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    Squirtin Thunder
    All I can say is our troops need our support.
    They are out there giving everyday what have you (The US People) given today ???

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    Consider it done...those soldiers deffinately need support
    Please come home safely....Merry Christmas to all those serving abroad

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    my buddys there now.....
    will continue to pray for them all...
    great video BTW.... Every now and then some folks need a reminder.

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    DAMMIT.... the 'until then' video got me all misty..... and shit

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    Mrs. casean
    I don't personally know anyone over there, but I sure keep them all in my thoughts! I hope they all can have a nice holiday all things considered... May their families all see them soon... Happy Holidays to the troops and all your loved ones & friends fighting for our freedom! God Bless them all!

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    Chain gun (

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