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Thread: Prop aerates

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    I am very unfamiliar with outboards. Besides not turning, how can I keep form aerating the prop in sharp turns?

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    Four blade prop and trim down.Also if you have a jack plate put it down also.

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    Four blade prop and trim down.Also if you have a jack plate put it down also.I had a 3 blade chopper on the last boat, and never had a problem in a sharp conner. Will a four balde hold the back down even more?

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    Props dont push boats, they pull them. The prop creates forward movement as the prop moves towards a low pressure area in front of itself and away from the high pressure aft. What is happening to your prop is that while turning sharp it stops grabbing water from the front and tries to get it from the side. It cant do that so it cavitates. Some cavitation is normal but too much can melt the leading edge of your prop and pit or erode the blades.
    Factors that contribute to cavitation include improper trim, poor prop selection, improper lower end shaft length or a damaged prop.
    Im not a mechanical wiz or anything. Ive just been in a boat for half of my life. Somewhere along the way though I seem to recall hearing that a stainless steel prop might help. Finding that perfect combination between the number of blades, pitch, diameter and whatnot is way beyond me though.

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