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Thread: Need some help Guys

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    Most of you know my feet are in pretty bad shape from my accident. On my foot throttle I can't push down all the way and can only get to 4000 rpm. I have 2 solutions.
    1) Mount a bicycle foot peg like peice on the side of the foot throttle so I can push down all the way.
    2) Since my Place Diverter is Hydraulic I was considering using a Manual Place Control for the throttle. That would be mounted on the right side of my seat. All that area is false floor.
    Can any of you give me the pro's and Con's and what idea would work best. No I am not using the 3 in one Forward/Reverse/thorttle lever, it won't work for my application.

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    if you want I can check the boat wrecking yards for one of these.
    that way all you would neead to do is bolt it in place of your ST control and add another cable.

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    if you use a diverter control for the throttle, please install a kill switch lanyard too

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    502 JET
    I wouldn't use a place control for throttle it will stick too easy. This would be very dangerous. You need to be able to pull the throttle back fast or have it manual return preferably.
    Can you use your other foot for the throttle?
    If not use a non locking lever and mount it where you were considering installing the place shifter with heavy duty return springs so the lever/throttle will pull shut if you let go of the lever just like taking your foot off the gas pedal.

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    Not sure about your boat, Overkill, but on my Spectra I very much dislike the hand throttle.
    When I'm going around a turn plowing water I much rather have both hands on the wheel, but then again my boat plows a lot more water than yours.
    Can you mount the foot control closer?

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    Can you use off-shore type throttles? They only move the throttle not the transmission.

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    Yes what I would do is take out the pin on the Manual Diverter Control so it wont lock in the notches. Also put a return spring with the same tension as the foot throttle.
    No I can't use the other foot, the other one is just as bad.
    I theory I would like a foot Throttle on a track. just to push the throttle on a one foot track forward. Instead of full throttle being pushed down.
    Im more concerned about saftey for my family.

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    james, i installed one of these on my old jeep...maybe it can work on a boat too

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    What about a old ST control in a ply wood box thats skrewed down with al angle?

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