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Thread: Commander 21 open bow project

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    CP Dad
    1994 21' Commander open bow project boat. Bare hull on nice box tandem chrome fender trailer. Hull is in great shape and was just wet sanded and color buffed. Ready to be put back together. Includes tanks and a brand new wiring harness from L&L marine. New pump just back from Jack at MPD and not even installed yet. (Includes manual diverter).
    This would be a great project for someone with a little time and space. I have neither...... All the steering, pedal, fwd/rvs handle, railings, exaust tips, etc are there and ready to be reinstalled. the open bow interior is there, but the rear seats and hatch are missing. I was just going to have it all redone.
    All it needs is a motor and the interior redone and it would make great family cruiser. Anybody have an old boat on it's last leg with a nice motor, this would be perfect.
    I have brand new 40 oz carpet and most of the hardware to finish it. $7800 with no motor or $9000 with a complete BBF 460 and all the stuff.
    Or, if somebody wants, 15K for completed boat with new interior and a fresh motor. That would be all new, wiring, seats, pump, and motor.

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    CP Dad
    Motor sold....... Boat is without motor but includes exaust for BBC and new wiring harness from L&L marine.... parts are all there to put it back together, just needs someone with a little time and a decent motor. Gelcoat is in outstanding condition. New price, $7500

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    I'll send you a PM with my number, please shoot me a call.

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    CP Dad
    Still got it........ $7500 without motor. Just got the freshened heads back from the machine shop for the BBC 460 (.030 over). Will throw the complete motor carb to pan with polished manifold and Indmar exaust for 2k more.

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    You mentioned a ford motor at the beginning and then a chevy with your last post ?................i had an 88 and loved that boat, great gel colors on yours too

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    CP Dad
    The boat was set up for a BBC but I had 460 Ford complete from another project. The motor sold, and now I have another BBC for it. I wanted to use the BBC in it anyways................ Thanks for the compliment, this thing would be a great project for somebody to complete and the hull is extremely clean. With the fresh MPD pump and diverter and all the hardware, it would be a snap to put it back together. If I don't get any bites, I guess that's what I'll do.....

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    I am interested. Sent you a PM with phone. Call Me!!

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    CP Dad

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