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Thread: Things that just ain't Right .....

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Taking a Dump while eating Ice Cream :idea:

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    Soft serve?

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    Taking a Dump while eating Ice Cream :idea: Tom sees nothing wrong with that.

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    Mexican food chaser, and then you quench your asshole when your done.
    Makes perfect sense to me. :idea:

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    Taking a piss while drinking lemonade

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    Tom Brown
    Jbb using 5-20-10 fertalizer on his lawn when he knows perfectly well it needs nitrogen. That ain't right. http://www.***

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    Farting whilst receiving oral.

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    This thread requires NO pictures at all.

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    '75 Miller
    Politicians and special interest groups seeking to inflate gas prices in an effort to get us to use less fuel. This limits our freedom of mobility and is profoundly unAmerican.

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    Some of my comments and attitude i'm told but i don't care!

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