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Thread: Top or bottom?

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    Looks like Maximus is the bottom. :messedup: :devil:

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    The "pump" in that arrangement looks like he gives a mean reach-a-round too. :jawdrop:

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    I see they're both wearing their Masked Buttphucker designer shades......

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    I wonder what plan C is
    That invloves RRRR's fluffing sciences.

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    Sounds like a bunch of jeleous man ranchers... I see nothing wrong there but a couple of amigos just "shootin the shit" no punt intended & pointing out the beautiful day...

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    photo chick
    Looks like Maximus is the bottom. :messedup: :devil:
    Good one.....I just spit coffee everywhere.... Now you just need to add RCL to the pic

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    Good one.....I just spit man batter everywhere.... Now you just need to add RCL to the pic
    NICE!! TMI

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    NICE!! TMI
    Man Batter....

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    photo chick
    Guru.......changing posts again to reflect his dreams..:jawdrop: :devil:

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