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Thread: I found the fountain

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    drinks at am/pm to be quite tasty

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    I have found that jokes regarding a death to be very tasteless and dont help the investigation process at all.

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    drinks at am/pm to be quite tasty
    Way to go there vee driven. Not very funny at all. Now let this thread fall to the final chapters of this forum.

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    Shreve "T"
    drinks at am/pm to be quite tasty
    "DUDE" What were you thinking by posting a joke like this....:

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    "DUDE" What were you thinking by posting a joke like this....:
    He was not "THINKING"

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    What a Tool

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    sure its not a laughing matter, but jesus guys the guy was trying to lighten the mood in here a bit. Vee, I see where you are coming from and I thought it was funny! Everyone take a ****ing pill already!

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    I laughed out loud. And I'll do it again..........

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    Now, you need to find the "Edit-delete" button.

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    is everybody kidding???? I thought it was funny, and I didn't think for a minute with it's title it was true..... a joke is just that, a joke..... something that lightens sheot up..... I am not going to beat myself up and be sad, and refuse to snicker at joke just because somebody died.... people die every day, from all kinds of more tragic events.... just not highlighted here.... and I for one do find the fountain drinks from am pm good, it is hot out here.......

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