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Thread: What's worse, the video or the comments on it??

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    Both... but mainly the video

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    I"m confused? What comments are you referring to?

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    I'd have to say the comments. I'm glad we white trash cow milking honkeys don't have to pull the old slip and fall routine.

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    I"m confused? What comments are you referring to?
    The comments on the video on YouTube. Idiocracy at it's best.

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    Glad she didnt get away with it.

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    This is a good one.....
    "White folks are the most dumbest people in the world. they wish they was black. i rather slip in fall in the store than to molest and kill kids like white folks do. white folks do the most craziest things "
    This guy's grammar would fit perfectly on ***boat....

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    Troy McClure
    I"m confused? What comments are you referring to?
    I think he is referring to the written comments sent in by you tube viewers posted below the video. Just scroll down.

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