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Thread: It May Actually Happen!!

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    A few weeks ago I posted that we had made an offer on a lake property contigent on the sale of our house. Well someone we know pretty well made an offer the day after I signed on with an agent. Termite letter.....done. Home inspection tomorrow am. As long as we don't get any surprises it should be a done deal. 1 acre on the lake. No boat dock, but it does have a swim platform. Have verbal approval from corp for upgrade to single slip if we dredge about a foot deep around where the dock will go. The lake is currently down about 7' so right now we could dredge with a front end loader. Keep your fingers crossed, the dock upgrade is worth about 40k instant equity.

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    Congratulations, and post some pics when you can.

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    We are very excited. Just waiting sucks though.

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    Hey fellow v-driver...
    Congratulations in advance...hope it all goes well for you.
    What lake are you buying on?

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    congrats !!!
    good to hear some good news up on here for a change...

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    Hey Dave!
    Found a place on lanier. It is like it is just meant to be. Found property, made an offer. Listed our house and found a buyer first day. Looks like we close August 30. We were scheduled for home inspection today but buyer decided he didn't need one. All hurdles are clear now so we should be good to go. Kinda scary when things happen so fast. Will post pics soon.

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    congrats.....It took us a year and 3 months, to sell but we moooooove out on the 20th....wish ours went as fast as yours did...

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    Congratulations on your future dream home mickeyfinn!
    We put an offer in on a sell by owner home, waited for 6 months. She was considering it while looking at condos. Last week she changed her mind, shes not ready to move. 7 acres on a hill, a forest, surrounded by farmland, no neighbors! I could cry as could my wife and kids.
    I know what it would mean to us to get that dream home.
    Congratulations to you!

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    Congrats. What part of the lake are you on? Lanier's a great lake to live on and the property values have been going through the roof lately.

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