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Thread: Perfect example of how some of you guys read a post around here....

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    Read the first post all of the way through.......
    Then read the comments..........classic HB!!!

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    Sleeper CP
    I saw that before I left work at 5:30. I had to wonder what part of " I was not there........" wasn't understood. That must be a part of the let's grab the pitchforks and torches crowd :idea: I hope I read better than that, but I guess I'll probably do it sometime too.
    I haven't been around long enough to comment on the "classic" part though.
    Sleeper CP
    565" Ford Lover

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    Being fairly new i'm not sure what typical is around here, but jumping to conclusions seems to be what you're getting at. So having posted in that thread I'd like to point to the lower left corner of the original post where it shows the last edit of the original post was some 3 hrs after it first posted. And what do you think was edited? :idea: Or did you simply miss that part and jump to conclusions yourself? Oversites or misinterpritations on this site tend to bring on instant flames and apparently there are very few if any exceptions to that fact.
    Can't we all just get along.

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    good job on catching the POS that stole your boat and singlehandedly beat some sense into him. your hand will heal up, but the story will live on forever!!

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    Tom Brown
    I didn't know Nord's boat was stolen. Any idea of who might have done it?

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    I didn't know Nord's boat was stolen. Any idea of who might have done it?
    didnt you read the thread he put a link to??

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    Sleeper CP
    I didn't know Nord's boat was stolen. Any idea of who might have done it?
    Damit, you need to come over here and dry off the lap top. Damn
    When I read it at 5:15 or so it did say at the top: I was not there I don't believe it was in red though. Unless I'm more screwed up than I think I am?:idea:

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    Nord how's the hand doing???

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    Senior Member
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    Jun 2009
    Nord sorry to hear about your boat. Did you report it?

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    Nord and Riverbound have come out of the closet and admitted their love for each other? Who would have thought?

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