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Thread: Spark Plugs

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    Does anyone have any preference's / reccomendations for spark plugs?
    Im running a 540ci, DART Aluminum heads w/ a Holly 850 and MSD Ignition.
    The plugs that are in it now are NGK(R) BKR7E's
    Thanks for any advice...

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    ol guy
    Without knowing the color of the plugs that came out it would be a crap shoot, and why the change idea? An engine does not read what you are putting in, just tells you by how it runs and the color they leave on the plug. Not to be insulting for any reason but it's all about tuning.

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    Baja Big Dog
    Cant read plugs with the 'now a days" fuels, too much crap in the fuel..if your gonna read plugs use race gas, leaded with no additives. Use what ever octane you normally run on pump fuel.

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    ol guy
    Asked a couple of times where you go in san felipe. And about the plugs OKAY.

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    Asked a couple of times where you go in san felipe. And about the plugs OKAY.

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    ol guy
    socalsouthpaw, Iv'e asked baja where he goes in san felipe a couple of times on different threads and never a response. I'm just curious, I have a place south of san felipe and wondered if maybe I new him in the other world.

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