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Thread: My Kind of GRILL!

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    Thats awesome! Who's is that?

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    okie doke. looks like i know what im gunna do with one of the junk big blocks in the yard. thats friggin way cool.

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    '75 Miller
    That thing's bitchen! I'd make one small change though. The grille portion (3rd pic) should have a blue oval rather than a Bowtie. Just seems more realistic, true to life if you will, for a ferd to be getting roasted over & over. Kidding, of course.

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    Looks like actual cyl heads on that thing...gotta make for one HEAVY lid!!

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    Bet it holds the heat good. Way cool.

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    Sleeper CP
    To cool I wonder if the Air Cleaner is the vent?
    I'd get one, but it would have to be the Blue Oval type. I guess I can expect to pay 15-20% more for mine then.
    Like they say :"When you go First Class you have to pay the price"
    Sleeper CP
    565" Ford Lover

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    The cool thing about it is your steak would have a Chevy simbol on each side. Guess you could tell all you friends Im eating a Chevy. Of course that would only sound good coming out of a Ford guys mouth.
    So yes I would have to have the Ford grill. I'll take one please. Of course I would have a hard time having Squirtcha? over for a BBQ. You out there Squritcha??

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    That very cool !! Tom

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    I thought it was a mis spelled "chick" thread, damm BBQ!!!!!!!!!!....MP

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