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Thread: Whipple HP500 2300 carb'd kit on Ebay!

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    It's on Ebay right now!
    Whipple HP500 kit, 2.3L (
    I bought it with 10 hours on it per the original owner, ran it on my boat for a season and have been storing it for the last two summers. Comes with a Dominator 1250, SS flame arrestor and Boost guage. Everything is there except misc. bolts and gaskets.
    My mortgage just adjusted so...

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    Nice stuff!!!! Good luck. Mike

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    Thanks! In 6 days and 22 hours, I'll be raking in the dough-ray-me! EZ money, Baby!

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    Also, I'll send a free set of drilled and slotted rotors (with a factory list price of up to $500.00) with a matching set of Hawk HPS brake pads to whomever buys this thing!

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    Nobody likes my rotors???? I make 'em myself... Think of it as buying a real expensive set of brake rotors and pads, and getting a free supercharger for your boat!

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    Do you sell the rotors for a 69 camaro

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    Whipple is sold!!! Thanks for looking!
    Do you sell the rotors for a 69 camaro
    I can do rotors for most any vehicle. Call me (Harry) at 951 345 7279, we'll figure out what you need and set you up.

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