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Thread: Jet boat swim step pictures?

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    Old Hawaiian Cruiser
    I have a 1976 Hawaiian 21' mini daycruiser that has a funky fiberglass swim step that needs to go. I was hoping some of you could post some pictures of yours, or perhaps steer me in the direction of places to look to purchase or ideas of making one. I would like to replace the glass one with all teak.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Old Hawaiian Cruiser

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    I know there not glass or teak but heres mine ,easy to install and maintain Tom

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    You can make a Teak swimstep with a little effort and a weekend. Hell of a lot cheaper than both stainless and fiberglass.
    Just make it like that cutting board you made for your mom in high school woodshop... ok with a little reinforcement and better glue

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    I made a teak swimstep for my old Hawaiian.... The pics are on my other PC, I'll try to post some pics later

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    sorry no great pics of the swim step, if you search the galleries & look for 76 Hawaiian there are a couple of pics that that the current owner posted. You might try to PM Adam Jones 419 & see if he any better photos of the swim step I built, BTW my kids like the old teak swim step better than the powder coated billet swim step I currently have. The wakeboard is easier to get on / off on the teak step & they don't have to worry about the fin scratching the powdercoat... I uploaded the photo to the HB image center, hopefully you can zoom in to see the swimstep better. If not PM me & I'll email you the pic

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    I know there not glass or teak but heres mine ,easy to install and maintain Tom
    Hey now Tom ... that's not a jet ... I got barked at for posting my v-drive here in the jet forum ...
    j/k looks good ...

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    76 Bonneville
    I put 1/4" lexan panels on the bottom of the steps to keep the water from shooting up thru the gaps. Without the lexan, the spray from the exhaust shoots 3' into the boat at idle, with it everythings dry.

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