I am looking for a '91 460 EFI (7.5) for my '91 truck it just finally shit the bed, #5 is dead ! And it is pumping oil out the exhaust port. I can't be mad or upset the thing has 538K on it. It is just a bad time for it to die.
I don't need anything spectacular, just a good basic quality replacement engine.
It is still running, made it back from the Beach Sunday night with no problems at 75mph on 7cyls ! Just used twice as much gas ! about 5-6mpg !
It is leaking oil bewteen the head and exhaust manifold ! LOL !
Man I love these 385 Fords !
Overall the engine is in good shape. Did a leek test and #5 exhaust valve is screwed. So I am now looking for a set of '91 EFI heads I think they are E7s. The '92s have a different head on them.